3D Digital Design, Tempulog

3D Tempulog TFMS

Tempulog TFMS

Wireless Monitoring System
32 Readings of Temperature or Humidity
Web Based Data.
Built in alarms via SMS & Email.

3D Tempulog Pascal8

Tempulog Pascal

Wireless Monitoring System
2/8 Differential Pressure Monitoring.
Built in Ethernet Port.
Alarms via SMS & Email.

3D Tempulog 4x4

Tempulog 4x4

Wireless Monitoring System
4 Temperature/Thermocouple Readings
4 x 4-20mA and 4 Digital Readings.
Built in alarms via SMS & Email.

3D Tempulog Wardwatch

Tempulog Wardwatch

24/7 Wireless Monitoring Monitoring
Clear LCD Display.
Minimum installation costs.
Alarms via SMS & Email.


All our Tempulog Systems come with powerful software designed specifically to be user friendly and intuitively driven. 

3D Tempulog Software

The software may be used as a Windows Application or may be used as a Windows Service, you can choose the option suitable for your organisation.

The software is in full compliance with CFR Part11.

Our software is regularly reviewed to include the latest customer feedback & requirements.

Real Time Data presentation includes user specfic:

  • Updated Time
  • Channel name
  • Alarm status
  • Communication status
  • Company name

3D Tempulog Graph

In addition the user may view a graph for a channel over the last hour.

Real time graph presentation includes user specific:

  • Updated Time/Date
  • Graph time period
  • Channel name
  • Company name

This graph is updated every minute, over a 24 hour period

Client software can be installed on any PC connected to your network and this can access and set unit & channel parameters as well as viewing real time data.

Users can all have their own login details and have channels allocated to them so their real time display is unique to them.  No need to view unwanted channels.


3D Tempulog Healthcare

This is how our Company assist Healthcare Organizations

Food Industry

3D Food Industry

Meat processing
Fish processing, smoking and storage
Cold stores

3D Alarm Options

3D Tempulog Alarm Options

SMS & Email
LED & Buzzer
External Alarm

Special Offers

Special Offers

Contact 3D for Special Offers