TFMS Improvements

3D TFMS Improvements


Internal communication has been improved 5 times3D Tempulog TFMS

Communication between master CPU and Ethernet has been doubled.

SMS alarm operation now includes:

  •                 Temperatures
  •                 Doors open
  •                 Mains power failure
  •                 System Health daily message

Roaming download speed increased from 4 minutes per probe per day to 5 minutes for 16 probes per day.

Command added to download logged data directly from a sensor memory.

Command added to set Base-Station to operate as Client or Server

Communication over modem to remote Server via the GPRS mobile network at cost of under 5 pence per day.

System factory reset facility introduced.

Sensors3D Tempulog TFMS Sensor

Internal communication improved by 5 times

Power requirement been reduced by 15%, longer battery life

Battery rush current on power up reduced by 4 times

Temperature and humidity sensors added without any effect on battery life time

High temperature range version now available to up 300 C

4-20 mA version of the sensor in last stage of development.

New Web hosting Software

3D offer “Software Free” Tempulog 4x4 and TFMS Systems.3D Tempulog Web Hosting Software

This allows your data logger to be plugged in your network and then you logon to our web site to view all your data, alarms, reports, etc.

Cost £20.00 per temperature probe per year.

Automatic PDF daily reports are sent to your email

Alarms are sent to your email.

Special Summer Offer

We are offering all our distributors a special summer deal:

3D Tempulog Summer Offer

  • 32 Channel TFMS Base-Station
  • 5 Pieces wireless TFMS sensors dual input temperatures and doors status
  • 10 PT100 probes with 3 meters lead
  • Windows 7/8 Software

All this for: £1750.00+VAT