3D Basic Installation Guide

The software requires approximately 12mB space on your hard drive.
The database uses approximately 250mB each year, this is based on 32 channels running with a 10 minute log rate.

Installing the Server Software, full instructions are on the CD

  • Open ISS SQL File V4.0 + Folder and double click on setup.bat to install SQL software. This is shown as an MS-DOS Batch File.
  • When install complete (the black command window will close), REBOOT PC.
  • Install crystal reports from the Crystal reports folder, CR 32bit needs to be installed even if you have a 64bit machine.
  • Server software MUST ONLY be installed on ONE computer and run by ONE user.
  • Open ‘3D Integrated Server V*’ folder on CD and Double-click on Setup.exe in folder.
  • Click Next on Welcome screen.
  • Change Installation folder and user option if required on Select Installation Folder Screen below, click Next.
  • Click Next on Confirm Installation screen.
  • Software will install, click Close on Installation.

 Running the Server software for the 1st time

  • Double Click on the Integrated System icon.
  • Please enter the computer name where SQL has been installed and click OK.
  • If you are using the instance of SQL provided by 3D just click OK, if you are using your own instance please select it from the drop down box and select Instance on Host Computer option – if it is not there then select other Instance, and enter in box that will be provided. Click OK.
  • Click yes when asked if you are setting up the software for the 1st time.
  • Click yes to use the default instance name.
  • The software will ask if this is the 1st time software has been used, click Yes, then type YES into box and click OK, the database will now be created.
  • This is a precautionary step to stop software creating a new database and possibly deleting your data if it could not connect to the database, if you see the previous message when you run the software in the future Click No.
  • Add units as instructed

Link to Full Manual/Installation Guide

Link to User Guide