3D Tempulog Temperature Data Logger Configuration

All our Tempulog Systems come with powerful software designed specifically to be user friendly and intuitively driven.  The software may be used as a Windows Application or may be used as a Windows Service, you can choose the option suitable for your organisation and that meets your IT Department standards.

 Software Hardware ConfigurationHardware configuration includes:

i. Data logging rate

ii. Channel name

iii. Alarm limits, alarm repeats, sms & email alarm

iv. Internal GPRS modem setting such mobile telephone numbers, users email address, email servers etc.

v. Database backup, CSV file backup and database mirror drive.

vi. PDF files to selected users to be send over the email at a selected rate i.e. one a day, once a week etc.


The Tempulog software is regularly reviewed to include the latest customer feedback or regulatory update and is also in full compliance with CFR Part11.