3D Tempulog Temperature Real Time Display

All our Tempulog Systems come with powerful software designed specifically to be user friendly and intuitively driven.  The software may be used as a Windows Application or may be used as a Windows Service, you can choose the option suitable for your organisation and that meets your IT Department standards.

Software Real Time Display

Real Time Data presentation includes:

    i.  Updated Time

    ii.  Channel name

    iii.  Alarm status

    iv. Communication status

    v.  Company name


 In addition the user may view a graph for the last hour, this graph is updated every minute.


Software Graphs

 Graph includes:  
i. Updated Time/Date  
ii. Graph time period Software Site Map
iii. Channel name
iv. Company name
This graph is updated every minute, over a 24 hour period

The Tempulog software is regularly reviewed to include the latest customer feedback or regulatory update and is also in full compliance with CFR Part11.