3D Tempulog Transwatch
facility monitoring system

Pharmaceutical & vaccine storage & distribution Raw food storage & distribution Pathology, lab samples storage & distribution Blood products storage & distribution Prepared food storage & distribution




high temperature



Tempulog Transwatch

Product code TTW

This 2 channel 2 door data logger is perfectly designed to be used in the distribution of several products including: Pharmaceuticals, Raw & Prepared foods, Pathology & lab samples, Blood products & many more.  It has a clear and bright LCD display with integral alarm buzzer which will alert the driver when the temperature is out of limits or a door is left open for too long.  Data is sent to a secure SQL database using a built-in GPRS modem and regular intervals allowing users on site to view graphical and tabluated reports and trends.

 This unit also HFEA, CPA, MHRA & FDA 21 CFT Part 11 compliant.


Temperature range -50°C to +50°C


Transwatch Datasheet

 Estimated delivery: 21 days